Afia Obinim, month:4 23, 2010

One time for your mind (Sarkodie)

You know what time it is

Obedepɔn bede

Verse 1

Turn the music up a little bit

I'm back on the block, Duncwillis is the real shit

You know I started as a little kid

I've been around for some time and I am still sick

I am the king, no doubt

Mo a mo nne me nyɛ adwen, move out

Cos yɛwoo me baa wiase just to move crowd

You can't pull me down, ɔbede me voice is too loud


Verse 2

One time for your mind (8x)

I am a pillow you can lie on

I am the best emcee to be your icon

My enemies be my python

But anyway, let bygones be bygones

Sɛ mewu a, mma monfa me nkɔ cemetery

Monyɛ me Kwame Nkrumah, na moncontinue me legacy

Monfa me flow nyɛ mo therapy

Yaa Pono bɛseɛ, Uptown energy

Repeat Hook

Verse 3

Strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words,

Mombra menservice mo punchlines

I am a dope emcee, I don't believe in soft rhymes

Frɛ me 055, na mombɛgye flow from tete, that be me then times

Repeat Hook

Verse 4

It's quite funny how the world is

Sɛ mebufu a, na makae me nipa Elvis

Wonim deɛ ɛreba a, anka woakɔhyɛ helmet

I am not trying to scare you, but I can't really help it

You can lean on my shoulder lyrics from

I will always stay number one cos I am a soldier

I was young but now I am looking older

Kanee mewe cerelac ɛnnɛ mehwepe Gulder, One

Repeat Hook

Tema bounce baby, Twi pop

Verse 5

Now, rhymes, lyrics, punchlines, metaphor

Wine, Guinness, frontline, kebacho

Nine digits, donsmike, ever pure

Fine minutes, Pantang, Kuborlor

Yes, monitor, keyboard, mouse

Jeff, Oliver, peacock, pounds

Net, goalkeeper, see God, out

Red opener, free call, now

Repeat Hook

Alright, so that's the end

CT, thanks for the beat

DuncWillis Entertainment


Alright, CT, drop the horns

To my honeys on the block

You know what time it is

One time for your mind

Straight up, Obede pɔn bede

© Sarkodie

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