Afia Obinim,

Segun Adefila

Leader of Crown Troupe of Africa, Segun Adefila, is still incredulous weeks after ‘Bariga Boy', filmmaker Femi Odugbemi's documentary on him and his dance drama group won the Best Documentary at the 2010 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA). He says, "Every time these things happen to me, I need to pinch myself to be sure that I am awake. And to be sincere, I cannot even connect myself to them."

He continues, "It made me understand what I was doing. When I was doing the interview for ‘Bariga Boy', I had to trek from home to DVWORX Studios at Gbagada a couple of days because I had no transport fare. But after seeing ‘Bariga Boy', it felt like I had a fixed account at the World Bank because I saw a Duro Oni, Ahmed Yerima, Francesca Emmanuel and Jahman Anikulapo talking about me. It did something big to me. ‘Bariga Boy' says to me the society is watching out for you. And that's what I think everyone of us should think about; don't think you are doing anything in vain."

The choreographer and actor, though, is not a stranger to the AMAA. He was nominated as Best Supporting Actor in 2009 for his role as Dauda in Tunde Kelani's ‘Arugba'. Though he has shot three movies with Kelani between 2003 and now, he insists, "I don't do movies; I only do movies because it's easy for me to connect with the producer. Working with TK is not like going to shoot your regular movie. I don't want to go into anything if I don't have something intellectual or spiritual to take out of it. An encounter with Tunde Kelani is like a school and ‘Arugba' was an opportunity to be myself."