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Papa Samo And The Snake

Papa Samo resides at Addis Ababa. He has three children: two girls and a boy.

Some evening, he told an essay. An essay about himself.

"My children, I am very brave. I am very strong. I will protect you."

Suddenly, he shouted.

"Someone help me, please! Where is it? Fast, please!"

The children asked Papa Samo.: "What?"

Papa Samo said: a snake, the snake!

The children laughed. They laughed well.

"Father, it is a rope. A rope fell on your head. Look, this is the rope."

"Please, continue the essay."

Papa Samo said: it is true. I am brave.

The children laughed again.

What is the answer?

  • Children has Papa Samo?
  • Brave is Papa Samo? Why?

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