Afia Obinim, Monday. month:11 24, 2014

How To Be Rich

You are rich when you have choices: good choices. Choices mean you can change your mind. If you have choice, you are rich.

So how do you become rich? You give choices to other people. They will also give you choices. Here are some stories. The stories explain how to be rich.

Ama is your friend. Ama wants a pen. You have two pens. Ask Ama: which pen do you want? You give Ama a pen. Ama says “Thank you!”

Kofi is your friend. Kofi wants some food. You have food. Ask Kofi: how much do you want? You give Kofi some food. Kofi says “Thank you!”

Komla is your friend. Komla wants to play. You have one hour. Ask Komla: how many games should we play? You play games with Komla. Komla says “Thank you!”

Kofi has a three books. Ama has five balls. Komla has four hours. You want a book. You want a ball. You want to dance with someone. Kofi, and Ama make you rich. They can give you books and balls. Komla can dance with you. He makes you rich. Kofi, Ama and Komla: they give you good choices.

Look for friends who say thank you. They will give you good choices. Good choices make you rich.

Do you understand how to be rich?

Questions to Answer

  • What did you learn?
  • How do you know it is true?

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