Bushra is a young Egyptian actress, singer and dancer. She is one of the most decent, multi-talented, and influential artists in Egypt and the Arab world. Bushra was born and raised in England until the age of six where she returned to her motherland Egypt; the multi-talented singer/actress started her academic education studying music and Ballet at the Cairo Opera House for eleven years. At the age of fifteen she was chosen to be a correspondent for different satellite channels. Bushra is known for her many television and movie appearances such as the popular series “Shabab on Line” followed by “ElAamma Nour” with the famous Egyptian actress Nabila Obaid and much more.

She released a fantastic duet album with Sherif called Baad El Gharam in 2006. The hit single “Makanak” was a great success. Her newest album was Ehky, released in 2009.

Some of her songs are Aman Aman, Mahsalsh Naseeb, Kol Youm, Oul wana Oul, Ehky, Baamaret Eah, Estana, Ala Toul, Ahla Kalam, etc

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