Tamer Hosny

Real Name: Tamer Hosny
Birthday: 16 August 1977
Star Sign: Leo
Birth Place: Cairo, Egypt
Education: Bachelor Degree in Media Studies at 6th October University
Fav. Colors: Light Blue, Black and White
Fav. Place: Any Calm Place with light light
Hobbies: Egyptian Soccer, Horse Riding and Swimming
Fav. Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Writing and Movies
First Movie: Halet Hob

My Friends:
Every one who shares in making me a better person such as Mohamed Fouad - the drum player known as Mimi -, my best friend Dr.Mohamed - -, Romer, my dear brother Hossam Hosny who taught me everything, Wael Abd El Fatah and Hany Zahrawy.

My Childhood:
I lived a very hard childhood because I was lonely and had no financial support due to my dad's absence and my mom was far away from her homeland and family. But with patience and strong believe in God my life went on. Then I met the star creator, the producer Nasr Mahrous whom I consider my older brother, who changed my whole life and filled in the gap that my dad left. To me Nasr Mahrous is my Oxygen, my family by then I knew that if you work hard you will achieve and depending on how hard you work you will get what is determined for you.

Characters Affected my life:
Nasr Mahrous, Salma El Shamaa and my Mom.

My Gate:
Salma El Shamaa heard me and presented me on the Opera then Nasr Mahrous heard me and took me to start my singing career.

Singers I like:
Abd El Halim Hafez and all youth singers.

Song affected my career:
Ana Lak Ala Tool. it made me love singing.

Singers affected my singing career:
Ali El Hagar, Medhat Saleh and more.

How I want my future wife:
High manners, kind, tender, cute, low voice, good listener and take good care of her self and me. Our relation will be built up on respect, care and love.
NOTE: I hate make up. I prefer nature look.

My Final Words:
Thanks for all those shared in the success of Tamer Housni and listened to his songs, telling them you are the reason for my success and for whom I am became today.

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