kasahorow Sua,

To Ask ::: Lati Bere

Learn love, every day. ::: Kẹkọ ifẹ, ojumọ losu.: "ask" ::: "bere" in English ::: Yoruba
ask ::: bere English ::: Yoruba act ::: act
I ask Kofi ::: mo nbere Kofi
Today ::: Eni 1 2+
1 I ask ::: mo nbere we ask ::: awa nbere
2 you ask ::: o nbere you ask ::: ẹ nbere
3 she asks ::: ohun nbere (f.)
he asks ::: ohun nbere (m.)
they ask ::: wọn nbere

English Dictionary ::: Iwe Itumọ-Ọrọ Yoruba

Master the simple tenses of the English ::: Yoruba language. Modern English ::: Yoruba Verbs is a verb conjugation practice book for English ::: Yoruba learners. A verb a day, warms hearts of nay. A verb a day, shows you the way. A verb a day, brings love to stay. This kasahorow grammar guide includes - a basic conjugation for regular English ::: Yoruba verbs - Simple Present, Simple Past, and Simple Future tenses for over 20 English ::: Yoruba verbs. Written in Modern English ::: Yoruba. Modern English ::: Yoruba is a simplified spelling system used to write all the varieties of spoken English ::: Yoruba.
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