Afia Obinim,

Doing Changes The World. Do The Right Things

By Esi Cleland and kasahorow.
An extract from a forthcoming book.

Parents who beat their children; or frighten them with the idea; are teaching this truth. Some parents do not beat their children. They are right: it is not about the beating. Some parents beat their children. They are right: doing bad things leads to pain. All parents must teach this truth.

Children who do what they want, lose. They do not learn that bad actions have bad consequences. Christians say: you reap what you sow. Science people say: energy is not destroyed but is changed; every action has the same, opposite reaction. Judges say: doing wrong leads to punishment. Business people say: good work gets money.

Children have no experience. So teach them this truth early. Be ready to teach this when they
- touch fire and get burned;
- eat hot food and get scalded;
- sleep too little and are tired;
- get cheated for not knowing enough;
- get better with practice;
- ignore a living thing and it dies;
- laugh and feel better;
- say something and others react.

They will learn that when they do something the world changes; whether they see the change or not.

When you have taught this truth, they will want to do the right things.