Khaled Abol Naga

Khaled is a heart-throb star actor of the new generation of "Young Egyptian Cinema". Before his American debut in 2006's Civic Duty (2006) in which he gave an outstanding & compelling performance & very convincing portrayal of a very difficult character of Gabe Hassan, he made numerous films in his native Egypt. Here is how it all began ...

Since his first major public appearance as a TV late night show host in 1999, It was only a matter of few roles and He became an Award winning star in Egypt and the Arab world, His background is as versatile as it can get, No wonder he's been nicknamed Superman!

He studied Tele-communication Engineering and graduated with honours from Ain Shams University, one of the most prestigous Engineering schools in Egypt, meanwhile Water polo as his hobby grew fast to become almost a profession when he teamed up with Egypt's Water polo National team as its Goal Keeper, But it was his other passion of acting & singing at the Theatre Department of The American University in Cairo that grew with him gradually to become his chosen final career.

Exchange of hobbies and professions happened several times to Khaled. First when Water polo became the main focus for him 1986-1989, then Spacecrafts! and Tele-Communications while researching it at The University of Surrey, UK in 1991, while playing Water polo for his varsity team in European tournaments where He started a parallel career of Fashion Catwalk Modeling back then.

In 1999 another switch happened when he (as a famous young face & well established catwalk model in Egypt) was offered by chance! to Host a TV program at Nile Varity Channel as a part of a new TV pan-Arab Network inaugurated by state owned ERTU in Egypt. He became the talk of the town with his new fresh style and controversial ways. He hosted and interviewed all kinds of stars - Arab and international. Khaled left Nile Variety channel October 2000, joined MBC TV Network in June 2001.

In the year 2000 He was chosen by News Dept. (Ch: 1 in Egypt TV) as a result of winning the title of "Best New Announcer"; to present, "Good Morning Egypt", one of the most widely known programs in Egypt, and continued presenting it till end of 2001: The time for a major switch: he finally got his first acting break with offers of lead roles in movies in Egypt that started being released in Egypt and The Arab world.

In just a few years he collected more than 8 Best Actor Awards from National and International Film festivals & events. The latest is winning the Best Actor Award from Alexandria International Film festival 2006 for his role Essam in Leabet el hob (2006)

Naga is known for his travels with his movies around the globe. Not only does hee looks & act like a Superman but he travels like him too!

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