Shaka Zulu: The Citadel

Shaka Zulu: [to Farewell] What would happen if this land without crowding, became crowded? Which of those unborn children would then be called African? Yours or mine?

The story is of the furthering encroachment by the English and the Boers into the Zulu kingdom. Shaka is not a king to be trifled with and is in many way "primitive" but that does not keep him from sophisticated thinking as well. He is portrayed as a great leader of his people who can be violent but who is also willing and indeed eager to learn new things. So much they got right.

A great part of this story tells of Shaka being betrayed and captured by slavers. He vows vengeance but tempers that vengeance because of the example of an Englishwoman who shows him kindness. This part of the story is very simplistic and is dramatically flat. So too is most of the rest of the story. The one good acting job in this sequel is that of the title role. He tries to portray the complexity of the character. The rest are one dimensional.

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