Soweto Gospel Choir

The Soweto Gospel Choir is one of the world's most famous choirs. It was formed to celebrate the unique and inspirational power of African gospel music.
The choir is made up of 26 of the best singers from churches in and around Soweto (Johannesburg). It is directed by David Mulovhedzi and Beverly Brye.

The choir raises funds around the clock for the charities, Nkosi's Haven and Nkosi's Haven Vugani amounting to over $210 thousand. These charities are mostly involved in aiding AIDS orphans organizations with food, school clothing, electricity and shelter. The charities are named after Nkosi Johnson, who was South Africa's longest surviving child born HIV positive.

The Soweto Gospel choir has also served with Nelson Madiba Mandela's foundation 46664 fighting the HIV-AIDS menace. They have also performed in support of big concerts like the 'Unite For The Stars' celebration which supported the Unite Against Hunger and the Nelson Mandela's Children's Fund charities.

Producers - Andrew Kay, David Vigo. Executive producer/directer - Beverly Bryer.

Some of their songs are Ahuna ya tswanang le Jesu, Jiko Yahao, A Place In Heaven, World in union, Oh Happy Day, Swing Down, Khumbaya, Avulekile Amasango, Seteng Sediba, Nomalanga, Modimo, Hakeleje, Hosanna, Sefapano, Shosholoza, Jikela Emaweni, Shewane, Vuma, Bayete, Ahuna Ya Yswanag Le Jesu, Thula Baba, Khumbaya, Holy City/Bayete (Medley), I'll remember you, Jerusalem, Jesu Ngowethu, Tshe[a Thapelo, etc

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