Lira was born Lira Molapo in the East Rand eDaveyton (Ekurhuleni). Her music is a sweet mix of Afro-Jazz, RnB, soul among others. She was born in Ekurhuleni, East of Johannesburg on March 14th. Lira began singing and composing her first song at the age of 16. She entered a talent competition with friends and won BEST COMPOSITION, BEST VOCALIST and BEST PERFORMANCE which gave her the opportunity to perform i front to different a audiences. She fell in love with the emotional connection achieved through music and live performance.

She was enrolled at the Vaal University of Technology (1997)then known as Vaal Tech and majored in Internal Auditing and Financial accounting and in 1999 she began working in the accounting department of a Major retail chain. She was promoted twice in 2 years before she realized that the corporate scene as not for her.

She resigned her job in 2001 and signed a recording deal with 999.
She released her debut Soul RnB album titled ALL MY LOVE in May of 2003.
The title track broke the record for being the most played South African song on radio... Receiving as much airplay as the likes of Beyonce and John Legend. She received an South African Music nomination for Best RnB album in 2004.

In 2006 she left 999 Music and signed with Sony Music Africa.
She released FEEL GOOD in November 2006- with this album she transformed herself into the Lira we now know. Short natural hair, and a strong sense of SELF translated through her music. She won Best Music Video for Feel Good and Ixesha in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Feel good became the first song to receive an award for being the most downloaded song in South Africa in 2008.

Soul in Mind, Lira's second release through Sony Music was released in December of 2008. In 2009 Lira received 6 nomination for the album and won 4 of the awards: Best Female Artist, Album of the YEAR, Best Remix and Best adult contemporary album. Feel good became a platinum selling album and Soul in Mind reached Gold status in Winter of 2009

On august 21st 2009, Lira records Africa's first FULL HD DVD in Carnival city a a sold out concert. She releases a live CD version of the concert in October 2009 and releases the DVd in November 2009.

January 2010 - the DVD reached Platinum sales. April 2010- Lira received another award for Best Female Artist of the year, this is the first time in the South African Music awards that a single artist received this award back to back. The LIRA LIVE IN CONCERT- A CELEBRATION DVD received DVD of the Year AWARD. April 2010- Lira co stars in her first movie feature: The Italian Consul.

To date Lira has won 9 South African music awards. Received: Metro Award for Best Jazz album, Golden Circle award for The BIGGEST FUND Raiser, Glamour woman of the year award, 2X Feather Awards

She released he fourth album, Return to Love in 2011.

She's also appeared in US based Black Hair Magazine, True Love Magazine cover, Fair Lady Cover, Real and Move magazines covers.


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