Lulu Dikana

Lungisa 'Lulu' Dikana is a singer, songwriter and actress from South Africa.

The word “diva” is often overused for every budding starlet, but with Lulu Dikana the debutante armed with the self- confidently titled 'My Diary, My Thoughts,' the voice exudes sophistication and largeness of spirit belonging to longstanding goddesses confident of the unerring vocal powers. This is the real diva, the article and a music asset.

This deep, boldly soulful singer with a rich voice as deep as dark muddy African soil, has been a successful musical theatre artist for the last five years bowling over theatre maestros and astonishing audiences. Blessed with excellent hereditary genes, her aunt being the legendary Anneline Malebo (the singer of the famous female trio Joy) she who got her first professional gig in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape south-east coast in South Africa, where she was born.

'My Diary, My Thoughts' may not contain any specifically titled song after her father such as it has a tribute to her mother “Mama Le Yeyakho“(Mama this one’s for you) but that’s precisely because Lulu’s relationship with her father( who is also a musician) is everywhere in the album. After all, she owes her musical genes to him. She is also struck by the unconditional commitment of friendship and loyalty between friends, values which are virtually absent in today’s urban youth, and she remarks upon its unusualness.

Some of her songs are I See Greatness In You, Ndithembele Kuwe (I Trust In You), Real Love, Mama Le Yeyakho (Mom This One's For You), State of Mind, Inside Out, etc

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